Critical Illness & Travel Insurance Disputes

There are many different types of critical illness and travel insurance policies being sold in Ontario. These insurance products are typically sold by insurance brokers, life insurance agents and banks. 

Critical Illness and Travel Insurance policies are the types of insurance policies that consumers expect to respond quickly and fairly when there is and illness or injury. Most people don’t have the time or the financial cushion to wait very long for an insurance company to pay a claim. However, it is not uncommon to see delays or denials of coverage for various different reasons. Sometimes miscommunications between the customer and the insurance company can cause serious delays or a denial of coverage. This can be financially devastating when you are trying to recover from a serious illness or injury.

It is very common for insurance companies to review your insurance application and medical records at the time of the claim to determine if you qualify for insurance benefits. This procedure seems backwards because you assume that if you were able to answer the medical questions on the application and you were given a policy that you are covered. This may not be the case and you may need legal advice regarding your rights under the policy. 

It is important to know as a policyholder that critical illness and travel insurance policies do not have standard terms or eligibility criteria. Disputes with insurance companies can happen when medical questions on insurance applications are vague or difficult to understand. It is common to have exclusions in these types of policies that are difficult to understand. Exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions can cause serious disputes with insurance companies about the validity of a claim.

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