Insurance Subrogation

We represent insurers in all types of property subrogation cases across Eastern Ontario.

We focus on providing a thorough review of the claim file to identify potential defendants, witnesses, evidence and experts that will be required to obtain an excellent recovery of what was paid out on the loss. 

Mr. Gervan’s expertise includes product liability, heating systems, consumer appliances and large residential oil spills and oil tank corrosion failures. If a decision is made to proceed with an action, we will work with your subrogation team or adjuster so that they have every opportunity to participate in the case. We will provide prompt reporting of discoveries and recommendations throughout the litigation process.

Most importantly, we will work cooperatively with your policyholder so that their participation is supportive of your subrogated claims. In situations where your policyholder may have an uninsured loss, we will work with them to advance those claims on a reasonable separate retainer agreement.