Life Insurance Disputes

Your life insurance policy is an important part of your financial plan whether you purchased life insurance for estate planning purposes or to protect your business.

There are many different life insurance companies that are licenced to sell life insurance policies in Ontario. Life insurance policies have different benefits and terms. The terms of life insurance policies vary from one insurance company to another. Banks and credit card companies also offer different types of life insurance policies when you take out a mortgage or loan.

When a life insurance claim is submitted to an insurance company a number of legal issues can arise in the review of the life insurance claim.  In some situations, the insurance company will require additional medical information that goes beyond a death certificate.  This can be very stressful and confusing to the beneficiary of the life insurance policy especially when the insurance premiums have been paid on time over many years.

In some scenarios, the life insurance company may refuse to pay a life insurance benefit and a dispute can arise.  This can cause significant financial hardship for the beneficiary during a very difficult time in their life.

It is important that any denial of life insurance benefits be reviewed by a lawyer to determine if the refusal to pay the life insurance benefit is valid or improper.  Our insurance lawyers can review a denial of life insurance benefits and advise you or your business about your rights to benefits.

Don't hesitate to call us or submit a confidential form if you have a question about your entitlement to a life insurance benefit.