Motorcycle or ATV accidents

If you have been injured riding a motorcycle or an ATV you should consult a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Motorcycle and ATV accidents often result in serious and complex injuries and can be challenging cases. In such cases it is important for evidence to be organized in connection with the accident as soon as possible. As well, important decisions will need to be made about treatment and rehabilitation plans. An experienced accident lawyer can help accident victims deal with the financial, medical and legal issues that result from these accidents.

At McNally Gervan LLP we are experienced motorcycle and ATV accident lawyers.  We understand the issues that arise and can help accident victims get the medical and rehabilitation benefits they are entitled to.  We can also recover damages to compensate victims for pain and suffering and financial losses resulting from the accident.  Legal fees for claims arising from serious motorcycle or ATV accidents are usually paid only at the end of the case and if a settlement is reached.