Boating Accidents

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Boating Accidents

Boating accidents are too frequent, and frequently avoidable. Statistics indicate that far too many boating accidents are the result of impaired operation (alcohol or drugs) or a lack of familiarity with basic maritime safety rules and regulations. The result is that over 160 people are killed, and many more are seriously injured, in boating accidents every year. Those at the highest risk of boating-related fatalities are men between the ages of 15 and 44. Boating accidents include capsizing, collisions, fires/explosions, running aground, and sinking. Most tragic of all, approximately 90% of all boating-related drownings are due to the failure to wear a life jacket or personal flotation device (PFD).

Boating accidents can result in very serious injuries even if one is wearing a PFD. Depending on the nature of the accident, injuries arising from boating accidents include spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, fractures, lacerations and burns.

The claims for compensation arising from boating accidents can be complex. There are very specific provincial and federal laws that apply to the operation of boats on lakes and rivers (or on the ocean). Anyone injured in a boating accident needs a lawyer who is experienced in dealing with the complex legal issues that arise in such claims.

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The lawyers at McNally Gervan are experienced at helping people who have suffered serious injuries in boating accidents across Ontario. They have years of experience in managing complex claims and in helping accident victims get access to the insurance and other benefits they are entitled to so that they can get their lives back on track.

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If you have a question or need assistance, our team of personal injury lawyers is here to help. We know every personal injury case is unique and we work hard to make sure our clients are fairly compensated.

If you are unable to travel to our downtown Ottawa office, one of our lawyers or paralegals can come to meet you at your home or some other convenient location. During the free consultation, we will get to know you and to understand the nature of your injuries, as well as the impact the accident is having on you and your family. Contact us for a free consultation with a lawyer with complete knowledge about car accident claims. We know it’s personal.