Airplanes are one of the safest forms of transportation available. But accidents do happen involving planes, either in the air or on the ground. And while the survivability of airplane accidents keeps improving, these accidents can still result in serious physical or psychological injuries.

At McNally Gervan we have the experience and sophistication to deal with the complex issues arising from airplane accidents, whether they arise from bad weather and flying conditions that could have been avoided or some other cause, such as flight control issues or pilot error.

The number of people involved with the safety of any given flight can make the legal issues arising from an accident complex. Even the best lawyers require time and the assistance of experts to analyze the issues arising from aviation accidents.

At McNally Gervan our lawyers specialize in areas of the law that are often involved in airplane accidents, including personal injury claims and product liability issues. If you or someone close to you has been injured in an airplane accident, whether on the ground or in the air, contact us for a free consultation.