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Dangerous Products (Product Liability) Claims

Consumer products are all around us. Whether it is the car you are driving, the lawnmower in your garage; or the household appliances you use every day, you rely on the manufacturers of these products to ensure that they are safe to use.

Manufacturers have an obligation to consumers to make their products safe for regular and intended uses. There are also special laws in Ontario that provide minimum protection to consumers who buy products in Ontario. It may not matter where the product was originally manufactured for the laws to apply. Manufacturers and retailers can be held responsible if a defect in one of their products causes injury, damage to property, or other loss to a consumer. These kinds of claims are known as dangerous or defective product claims, or product liability claims. They can be complex and demanding cases and it is important to locate the best lawyer you can to ensure you are properly advised and represented if you have suffered a serious injury.

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The lawyers at McNally Gervan have advanced many claims for injuries and damages caused by the use of defective products against the responsible retailers, distributors and manufacturers. These cases are important. When consumers hold the manufacturers of defective or dangerous products to account it helps make everyone safer.

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