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Navigating insurance claims can be complex. At McNally Gervan LLP, we simplify the claims process, and help individuals who have been unfairly denied, through comprehensive legal assistance.


Insurance Claims in Ontario

Insurance claims are mechanisms for obtaining financial relief after unexpected events. Essentially, they are requests submitted to your insurance company, seeking compensation for losses covered under your policy. 

The process begins when you file a claim after an incident. Your insurer then reviews this claim in detail, assessing its validity based on the terms of your policy. This evaluation determines if the incident is covered and the extent of the compensation you’re eligible for. 

As simple as that sounds, interpreting policy language, understanding coverage limits, and complying with procedural requirements can be complicated, especially if you are not familiar with the process or if your claim is complex. 

At McNally Gervan, we offer support with the following types of insurance claims:

  • Disability insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • and more

If you have questions, concerns, or issues with your insurance claim, McNally Gervan can help.

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The disability claim lawyers at McNally Gervan LLP know the system and are here to help those having trouble with their claims get the support they need.

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McNally Gervan – Facilitating Favourable Resolutions to Your Insurance Claims

The insurance claims process can be tricky, but our lawyers at McNally Gervan simplify matters for you at every stage. Our comprehensive insurance claims support includes help with:

  • Claim Filing: Our team assists in drafting and submitting your claim. They ensure every detail aligns with the event and policy stipulations. Accurate presentation here is key to setting a strong foundation for the entire process.
  • Policy Review: Our lawyers delve into the fine print to dissect the terms and conditions and uncover every aspect that can be leveraged in your favour. This thorough review is key to identifying and maximizing your claim’s potential.
  • Negotiation with Insurers: Armed with a deep understanding of insurance law, our attorneys engage in strategic negotiations with insurers. We advocate relentlessly on your behalf, challenging denials and lowball offers. Our goal is to ensure your rights are respected and that you receive the full compensation you’re entitled to under your policy.
  • Settlement or Litigation: Whether it’s through settlement negotiations or, if necessary, litigation, we are committed to securing a resolution that aligns with your best interests. We always prioritize your needs and rights, and we adapt our approach as your case requires.

Throughout this process, you can count on the lawyers at McNally Gervan to be your trusted advocates. We are here to guide and support you towards a fair and just resolution.

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Legal Assistance With Insurance Claims in Ontario

At McNally Gervan LLP, our approach to insurance claims sets us apart, and leads to better outcomes for our clients. Our team combines in-depth legal knowledge with personalized strategies that are tailored to your unique situation. Doing so allows us to be more efficient and targeted as we work to overcome the obstacle you are facing with your insurance claims.

No matter the stage of the process, we emphasize proactive communication. We make sure you know what is happening with your case and what your options are at all times. Add to that our experience negotiating and litigating insurance claims, and the result is more favourable resolutions for our clients. Trust us to defend your rights against insurance companies and protect your interests. 

Insurance claims can be a maze, but you don’t have to maneuver through them alone. Contact McNally Gervan today for a free consultation to get the peace of mind you deserve.