Unfortunately, disputes between people and their insurance companies are common. With respect to long term disability claims, the dispute usually arises when the insurance company disagrees with a claimant (and sometimes with their doctors) and does not accept that they are “totally disabled”. In such cases, the claimant may have only two options: either return to work against his or her doctor’s orders, or sue the insurance company for the benefits that have been denied.

The lawyers at McNally Gervan are experienced at helping people whose claims for long term disability benefits have been denied, either at the outset or at the two-year mark. They have years of experience in managing long term disability insurance claims and in helping recover the disability benefits they are entitled to so that they can get their lives back on track. In some cases, the insurance companies can be responsible to pay damages for the stress caused to disabled people whose claims have been denied. In some cases, the conduct of the insurer has been so bad that they have been found to have breached their duty of good faith to the insured person. In such cases they can even be forced to pay punitive damages.

The lawyers at McNally Gervan LLP understand the system and are here to help accident victims get the support they need and the benefits they deserve. 

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