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Five Common Liability Claims That Homeowners Encounter


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April 27, 2022

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    Your home is supposed to be safe for both you and everyone who comes to visit you. You ensure to fix uneven deck planks, trim the trees, rake the leaves, cut the grass and shovel the snow. Whatever you do, you always do your best. However, even with all the attention you pay to your property, there can still be potential dangers on it and in your home that could injure someone. Even something like a slip-and-fall could be costly to you due to the lawsuit. Furthermore, your insurance policy may not cover you fully.

    Below are five common liability claims that homeowners may encounter:

    Falling Trees

    In winter, ice- and snow-laden tree branches can snap off their trunks and fall on top of someone below, causing severe injuries. Make sure that you cut down any overhang and that you trim your trees before winter arrives.

    On the Property or Inside the Home

    Homeowners are liable for accidents, regardless of whether it involves a visitor falling through a defective staircase or tripping over a loose carpet. In this context, direct sales representatives (i.e., door-to-door salespeople) are also considered visitors. If you fail to keep your path or walkway to your front door clear, you could be liable for damages stemming from your guest’s injuries.

    Guests Who are Under the Influence

    As a homeowner and property owner, you are also liable for your guests when hosting an event or party. If a party/event guest has been drinking, becomes inebriated and, while under the influence, causes harm to someone else, you could be held responsible. Hire a bartender to ensure that someone tracks how much alcohol each guest is consuming.

    Domestic Workers

    More and more families are hiring assistance to do work in their homes and on their properties. You have to account for the safety of each of these workers because your liability grows if one of them injures themselves in your home or on your property. Ensure to do your research in advance, as some domestic workers have workers’ compensation for situations of lost wages.

    Canine Bites 

    Most insurance policies will cover injuries or damages caused by members of the policyholder’s household. Furthermore, those policies may cover any injuries or damages caused by the policyholder’s pets. Your policy will cover dog breeds believed to be at a lower risk of biting, as those breeds will be considered members of the policyholder’s household.

    If you need legal assistance because you have been injured, call McNally Gervan Personal Injury Lawyers of Ottawa, at 613-238-1424. We can give you a no-cost, no-obligation claim assessment.

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