Lawyers and Excessive Legal Fees


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January 28, 2017

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    A Toronto Star story highlights a real problem in the profession and with personal injury lawyers in particular. While the majority of personal injury lawyers are principled and follow the law carefully with regard to contingency fee agreements, some have been taking advantage of unsuspecting clients and have been overcharging them.  The practice of overcharging clients for the work done on their behalf is yet another reason for injury victims and their families to take care when they select a lawyer or law firm.

    You can read the complete story here:

    At McNally Gervan LLP we take our obligations to our clients seriously.  We have fought to ensure that clients are not denied a fair opportunity to challenge their lawyers’ fees.  See the following news story for more information;

    If you have a question about personal injury law, about lawyers or about contingency fee agreements, call one of the lawyers at McNally Gervan  LLP.

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