Vanessa Petronilho

Vanessa Petronilho

Law Student

Vanessa Petronilho is currently in her last year of law school at the University of Ottawa and brings a diverse educational background to her work in personal injury. Prior to this, she successfully obtained a Bachelor of Social Work degree from McMaster University where she graduated summa cum laude. Her experiences and studies in social work have ignited a strong passion for advocacy, particularly focusing on individuals marginalized within society.
In both her educational and professional journey, Vanessa has actively engaged in numerous volunteer and work experiences that placed a strong emphasis on advocacy. These opportunities have been integral to her development, allowing her to actively contribute to causes and issues she is deeply passionate about. These experiences include:
  • Volunteer at Ottawa Innocence Project.
  • Volunteer with Pro Bono Student’s Canada.
  • Addiction Counsellor Dave Smith Centre Youth Treatment Centre.
  • Youth Supper Worker at Notre Dame House – Provided mental health support.
  • Inclusion Counsellor – providing inclusive programing for youth and children with disabilities.
  • Intern at the Women Centre.
  • Intern at Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada.


In addition to her legal pursuits, Vanessa harbors a deep passion for music and finds great joy in performing covers and original songs at cafes throughout the province. Her love for music remains a significant part of her life, providing a creative outlet.

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