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We have tried to collect below a list of helpful links. We will do everything we can to help or to point you in the direction of someone who can.

Helpful Links – McNally Gervan

We have tried to collect below a list of helpful links. Of course, if you or a family member is struggling with a serious injury, do not hesitate to contact us. We will do everything we can to help or to point you in the direction of someone who can.

Accident Benefits Forms

All automobile policies in Ontario include statutory accident benefits coverage (SABS) that you are entitled to even if the accident was your fault. Even with these rights, the process of completing your claim is usually more complex than you think. You can find current Auto Insurance Claim (OCF) Forms on the Financial Services Commission of Ontario website.

New Automobile Accident Benefits Service (AABS)

The AABS is designed to help people injured in a car accident, and have had their claim denied by an insurance company. If you can’t agree with your insurance company about whether you are entitled to a benefit or the amount of a benefit, you can apply to AABS for help in solving your dispute.

Since April 1, 2016, a new branch of Ontario’s Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT) began accepting applications to the new Auto Accident Benefits Service (AABS) system that aims to quickly resolve disagreements between individuals and insurance companies about accident benefits. The goal of the AABS is to reach a final decision within six months. It can be a difficult and challenging process, so you may wish to work with a lawyer to help resolve your dispute. The lawyers at McNally Gervan have already litigated many disputes before the LAT. For more information about LAT, click here.

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    New AABS Forms

    For your convenience, we have gathered some of the common forms you need to complete if you’ve been injured in an accident. You should have your lawyer review them before submitting them to make sure the wording is appropriate.

    Legal Statutes and Resources

    Financial Resources

    Accident victims often face difficult financial situations.  At McNally Gervan we assist clients who are dealing with serious financial hardship resulting from an accident or injury. Below are some resources that can help you understand what financial support is available to help you in your particular situation, regardless of whether you pursue a legal course of action.

    Support Networks for Survivors

    There are numerous support networks available to help you and your family. We support the efforts of many of these organizations to help them continue their fundraising activities that benefit so many in our communities.

    Brain Injuries

    Children with Neurological Disorders

    Call Us For A Free Consultation

    The personal injury lawyers at McNally Gervan LLP understand the system and are here to help car accident victims in Ottawa get the support they need and the benefits they deserve.

    Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer

    If you have a question or need assistance, our team of personal injury lawyers is here to help. We know every personal injury case is unique and we work hard to make sure our clients are fairly compensated.

    If you are unable to travel to our downtown Ottawa office, one of our lawyers or paralegals can come to meet you at your home or some other convenient location. During the free consultation, we will get to know you and to understand the nature of your injuries, as well as the impact the accident is having on you and your family. Contact us for a free Consultation. We know it’s personal.


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