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  1. $1,100,000 recovered for a business owner in his 40’s who suffered severe psychological impairments following a T-bone collision.
  2. $250,000 recovered for a man who was accidentally shot outside a bar.
  3. $700,000 obtained for a taxi driver in his 50’s who suffers from chronic pain and psychological impairments after a severe rear-end collision.
  4. $860,000 recovered for pain and suffering and future care for woman in her late 50’s who suffered chronic pain and depression, despite pre-existing psychological conditions.
  5. $830,000 recovered for 50 year old female driver involved in single car collision with wildlife on a Provincial Highway.
  6. $250,000 recovered in wrongfully denied LTD benefits for 50 year old woman.
  7. $475,000 in damages and future care costs for an 80 year old woman who suffered injuries in a fall.
  8. Over $500,000 recovered for a 35 year-old man who suffered orthopedic injuries in a T-bone collision, despite being able to return to work.
  9. $1,060,000 in damages recovered for a motorcyclist who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury and multiple serious fractures.
  10. Over $1,000,000 in damages recovered for a husband and wife involved in two motor vehicle collisions and suffered serious whiplash injuries and developed chronic pain and depression.
  11. $200,000 recovered for a woman who suffered a concussion when an object fell on her in a retail store.
  12. Over $700,000 recovered for a taxi driver in his late 50’s who suffered post-concussion syndrome and depression.
  13. $935,000 recovered for a woman who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury and whiplash in two car accidents in 2012, despite pre-existing physical and psychological problems.
  14. $240,000 in damages and costs recovered for 84 year old woman who suffered a fractured leg when struck by a car in 2017.

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