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Should I actually consider suing a family member?

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September 30, 2022

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    Although the notion of suing a family member may seem absurd, personal injury claims between family members sometimes occur. For this reason, you can sue a family member if they are at fault for a car accident that caused your injury.

    People hope that neither they nor any family member becomes injured in an accident. Insurance coverage alleviates our worries, as people know that they and their family members will receive care and compensation if they become injured in an accident—even if the accident is a family member’s fault.

    Most people would likely hesitate to sue a family member for fear of hurting their relationship or appearing cruel. Remember that you would be suing your family member to get access to their insurance.  That is what the insurance is there for and most family members just want the best outcome for the injured family member.  They may also fear that suing a family member may cause their family member’s insurance rates to increase.  However, their insurance rates would increase regardless because they were at fault for the accident. Some insurance polices have “accident forgiveness” so it is possible that their insurance rates won’t increase at all.  

    With all the emotions involved in an accident, especially one that involves a family member, people can find it difficult to remain objective. Nevertheless, even though the notion of suing a family member may seem undesirable, remember that suing a family member:

    • is in your best interest if that family member was at fault (or partially at fault) for an accident in which you suffered an injury; and
    • will not cause their insurance rates to increase more sharply than they would have if you refused to sue them.

    If you have suffered or if someone you know has suffered a severe injury, contact a Personal Injuy Lawyer in Ottawa today. Regardless of who is at fault, you deserve care and compensation for your injury. At McNally Gervan, we will prioritize your recovery. You deserve it.

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