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Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries

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February 13, 2014

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    All experienced skiers know that the sport of alpine skiing comes with some risk of injury.  Even beginners are who have lessons are probably aware of there is a code of conduct that is expected of skiers and snowboarders to help reduce the risk of injury and collisions.  The Skier Code of Conduct or Mountain Code of Conduct will usually be posted at the ski hill.  The Code is virtually the same if you were skiing in the Ottawa / Mont. Tremblant area or if you were skiing on holiday at Whistler or Lake Louise.  Most alpine ski hill operators follow the minimum provincial standards for safe ski hill operation to help reduce the risks to skiers.

    The risks on a ski hill come from weather conditions, visibility, condition of the slope, equipment and many other factors.  Also, the types of sports that are enjoyed on the hill have radically changed in the past 20 years.  Skiers now share the same hill with snowboarders who travel in different patterns and at different speeds than skiers.  This makes adherence to the code of conduct more important than ever to help avoid collisions.

    Some injuries are completely avoidable because they are caused by the negligence of another skier or snowboarder.  Our courts have held negligent skiers to be responsible for the injuries that they cause to other innocent skiers in certain circumstances.  A close analysis of the circumstances of the accident by a lawyer will help victims find out if they are entitled to compensation from the other skier, snowboarder or ski hill operator.

    Ski accidents and collisions can cause very serious and life altering injuries.  It is not uncommon to hear about concussions, fractures and ligament damage occurring in a ski or snowboarding accident.  Serious injuries can result in loss of income or the ability to return to work.

    Contact one of our experienced injury lawyers today for a free consultation to find out if you and your family can receive compensation for your ski or snowboarding injury.

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