The Aftermath of Losing a Loved One


Every person matters to many people. Now, our laws finally reflect this long-acknowledged fact. As a family member, you can sue for the death or injuries caused to your loved ones. Although the compensation received often does not match what is justified, that trend has begun to change in recent years. Here at McNally Gervan Personal Injury Lawyers of Ottawa, we have secured compensation over the years for hundreds of people who have lost loved ones to negligence and accidents. Eligibility to Submit a Claim Family members who are parents, children, spouses, siblings and grandchildren of their deceased loved one may [...]

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Wrongful Death and Family Member Claims


Wrongful deaths are deaths caused by negligence or, in rare cases, intentionally. They are always tragic and are almost always avoidable. The most common causes of accidental wrongful deaths are:  Ottawa Car accident or motorcycle accidents Snowmobile or boating accidents Swimming and diving accidents  Medical malpractice  Claims of wrongful death enable families to receive compensation for losses (both financial and non-financial) incurred due to the passing of their loved one(s). In wrongful-death situations, the deceased's family members can bring a wrongful death claim against the company or individual whose inattention caused or contributed to the premature death. Under Ontario's Family Law [...]

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