Every person matters to many people. Now, our laws finally reflect this long-acknowledged fact. As a family member, you can sue for the death or injuries caused to your loved ones. Although the compensation received often does not match what is justified, that trend has begun to change in recent years. Here at McNally Gervan Personal Injury Lawyers of Ottawa, we have secured compensation over the years for hundreds of people who have lost loved ones to negligence and accidents.

Eligibility to Submit a Claim

Family members who are parents, children, spouses, siblings and grandchildren of their deceased loved one may submit a claim.

Quality of Relationship to Loved One

The court will award damages to a loved one’s relatives for “care, companionship and guidance.” Quality of relationship varies from person to person. The personal injury experts at McNally Gervan will advise you by reviewing the quality of the relationship between you and your loved one..

Type of Compensation You Could Receive

The personal injury legal team at McNally Gervan will cover the range of compensation you could receive based on your personal situation.

Financial Losses

Financial losses are covered. 

If you have provided personal care or nursing care for your injured loved one, you qualify for damages under the “past and future care costs” to which that loved one is entitled. A number will be assigned to that particular line item in any court award or settlement. Ensure to log your upfront expenses and your hours worked in caring for your injured relative. We can hire an occupational therapist to draft a formal report to document your time working.

Whatever you earn for caregiving will be offset against your losses of income. Make sure you track upfront expenses, such as those for mileage and lodging, by retaining your receipts for such expenses. If you went on leave from your employment to care for your relative, we will log those losses too.

Demonstrating Depth of Loss

Describe your losses as accurately as possible. Letters, cards, photo albums—these are all ideal for demonstrating a close-knit relationship. You can also submit a statement corroborating your contact with them, as well as the companionship and guidance they gave you. You can also provide an outline of your financial losses and an account of the time you spent caring for your loved one.

If you have recently lost a loved one due to negligence and accidents, call the personal injury lawyers at McNally Gervan of Ottawa today, at 613-238-1424. We will help you get the compensation you deserve, as well as the peace of mind you need.