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How do I choose the best lawyer for me?


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September 23, 2022

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    If you need a dependable personal injury lawyer, it pays to devote adequate time to doing a thorough search. You will want a legal representative who is trustworthy and who puts your mind at ease. To find a lawyer who can work well with you, handle your situation and establish straightforward expectations, as yourself these questions:

        1. Will you be all right with entrusting private information to this person?
        2. Do they have experience in personal injury law and your type of injury or disability? 
        3. Will your lawyer be easy to talk to and communicate with?
        4. Do they understand the financial pressure that your injury has caused to you and your family? 
        5. Would you work with them directly or with their staff members (i.e., do they oversee the case themselves, or do they delegate most of the work to their team)?
        6. Can they answer all your questions?
        7. Do they take care of the insurance forms and medical claims for you?

    You may also wonder whether you need a personal injury lawyer to represent you or whether a standard lawyer is sufficient. The truth is, in a personal injury case, you need a lawyer who specializes in personal injury law. Think of it this way: all medical practitioners are doctors, but for a skin problem, you would consult a dermatologist rather than a cardiologist because a dermatologist specializes in skincare, whereas a cardiologist specializes in cardiac health. 

    Every lawyer is different. In addition to prioritizing experience in personal injury law, you should also prioritize personal compatibility when looking for a lawyer so that you can have a positive rapport with your legal representative. Make a toll-free, obligation-free call to McNally Gervan today. Regardless of whom you trust to be your legal representatives, contact McNally Gervan for a lawyer who will handle your case adeptly and thoughtfully. At McNally Gervan, we prioritize your recovery. You deserve it.

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