Injured Passengers

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October 18, 2016

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    If you are a passenger in an Ottawa car accident you will be entitled to claim Statutory Accident Benefits to cover the costs of medical and rehabilitation treatment, income replacement and other benefits that are provided under the standard Ontario Automobile Insurance policy. Injured passengers of ATVs and snowmobiles will also be able to obtain the same coverage in most circumstances.

    Injured passengers sometimes are confused where to turn for compensation and insurance coverage and an experienced personal injury lawyer can help with those needs immediately after the accident.

    Passengers who suffer serious injuries (head injury, spinal cord injury, fractures, etc.) may also be able to seek compensation from the parties that are responsible for causing the accident by hiring a lawyer to start a lawsuit for damages. Sometimes passengers are reluctant to see a lawyer because family members or friends may be responsible for the accident. Our personal injury lawyers will explain the process of obtaining compensation through the driver’s Automobile Insurance Policy liability coverage. In most cases, the responsible driver(s) want nothing more than to be sure that the victims of the car accident are well taken care of by the insurance companies that are involved.

    If you are an injured passenger, contact an Ottawa insurance lawyer at McNally Gervan for a free consultation to find out your rights and how you can best obtain compensation and insurance coverage to help you through your recovery.

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