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Ontario No-Fault Car Insurance Benefits

Date Posted:

November 10, 2022

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    Under provincial law in Ontario, every car insurance policy provides Statutory Accident Benefits. You may also have heard these benefits be called “no-fault insurance” benefits.  These benefits come with every car insurance policy that is sold in Ontario. 

    Although no one means to get into an accident, every person involved needs support. Regardless of how you are involved in an accident, you can receive insurance coverage and payments for various types of expenses and losses:

    • personal care;
    • lost wages;
    • medical treatment and expenses; and
    • rehabilitation.

    Even if you are at fault in an accident, you are entitled to receive Statutory Accident Benefits. It doesn’t matter if you caused the accident or if you are partly at-fault. Therefore, being at fault for the accident will not disqualify you from getting assistance to address your losses and injuries.

    In some accidents, it is unclear who is at fault. However, in other cases, those injured in an accident can pursue legal action against the driver whose inattention caused the accident that injured them. Therefore, if you have been injured in an accident, speak with a personal injury lawyer to determine whether the other driver was partially responsible and how that partial responsibility could affect your claim.

    Here at McNally Gervan, we understand that, unfortunately, accidents happen. Everyone makes mistakes, so the question of who was at fault is irrelevant. When we meet our clients, we sit down and talk with them to learn the whole story so that we can get them all the benefits and compensation to which they are entitled. 

    If you have suffered or someone you know has suffered a severe personal injury, contact us at McNally Gervan to learn about your options and what you need to do first. Your first consultation with us is free. Whether you decide to continue with us after that is entirely up to you. Our priority is your recovery.

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