OCF-18: Treatment and Assessment Plan

What is the Treatment and Assessment Plan (OCF-18)?

Your attending health-care professional must complete the OCF-18, also known as the Treatment and Assessment Plan, and submit it to your auto insurance provider. The Treatment and Assessment Plan also requires your health-care professionals to include all goods and services they have considered. The following health-care professionals can complete this plan:

  •  chiropractors;
  • dentists; 
  • nurse providers; 
  • occupational therapists; 
  • optometrists; 
  • physicians; 
  • physiotherapists;
  • psychologists; and
  • speech-language pathologists.

Click here to download the OCF-18.

OCF-18: Treatment and Assessment Plan  ​

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    As the applicant, you must complete the applicant section and insurer section. In addition, your health-care professional must complete the treatment plan, which will include all goods and services they have provided to you. If your accident occurred on or after September 1, 2010, you must ask your health-care professional whether the Minor Injury Guide covers your injury or impairment and whether it applies to your accident. If your health-care professional answers YES to both questions, they must confirm whether you are already receiving the treatment under the Minor Injury Guide and whether the cost of the additional goods you need falls within the $3,500 ceiling. They must also disclose whether you, as the applicant, have any pre-existing medical conditions that they or another health-care professional had diagnosed before the accident. If so, you may receive less than the amount you are applying for if you are subjected to the $3,500 ceiling or if you are limited to the goods and services authorized under Minor Injury Guideline.

    Complete if the applicant is subject to the $3,500 limit or the goods and services under the Minor Injury Guideline, they will also need to disclose whether they or another health-care professional documented that the applicant had pre-existing medical conditions before the accident that will invalidate the claim.

    A personal injury lawyer will help you complete and submit all your forms and correspondence within the prescribed deadlines. Meanwhile, you can focus on resting, recovering, and receiving rehabilitative treatment without the stress of dealing with your insurance company.

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