What is the Disability Certificate (OCF-3)?

You must complete the OCF-3, also known as the Disability Certificate, and submit it to your auto insurance provider if you suffered an accident on or after November 1, 1996. Claimants must complete Parts 1 to 3, have their health provider complete the rest of the certificate, and then return it directly to the insurance company. Only the following authorized health providers can complete this certificate:

  • chiropractors;
  • dentists; 
  • nurse providers; 
  • occupational therapists; 
  • optometrists; 
  • physicians; 
  • physiotherapists;
  • psychologists; and
  • speech-language pathologists.

You can download the OCF-3 here.

OCF-3: Disability Certificate

  • Effective June 1, 2016 – Download
  • Effective September 1, 2010 – Download

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    Claimants must complete Parts 1–3, which include the applicant’s personal information, insurance company information, and a description of the accident, and must then sign the certificate. We recommend you contact a personal injury lawyer who will familiarize you with anything for which you need clarification. Your authorized health provider must complete the remainder of the certificate and will outline:

    • information on injuries and sequelae;
    • disability tests;
    • symptoms;
    • previously unreported examinations, investigations, or consultations (if any);
    • additional recommended or required examinations;
    • prior and concurrent conditions;
    • pre-existing conditions or injuries;
    • pre-existing disability benefits; and
    • medications.

    When you hire a personal injury lawyer to process your claim, they will ensure to submit all forms and correspondence by the required deadlines. For example, you have 30 days to complete and submit all the paperwork upon receiving it, and you may lose your right to accident benefits if you miss the deadlines. Furthermore, your health-care professional must complete the OCF-3 at least 10 business days from the date you submit your initial application. By hiring a personal injury lawyer, you will also ensure that legal professionals manage your claim and guarantee to complete everything accurately and submit it punctually, affording you the peace of mind to focus on your recovery.

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