OCF-4: Death and Funeral Benefits Application

What is the Death and Funeral Benefits Application (OCF-4)?

Your auto insurance provider must complete and submit your OCF-4, also known as the Death and Funeral Benefits Application, on behalf of the deceased individual’s spouse and/or dependant(s) and any other person entitled to claim benefits. If there is more than one person applying for the benefits, they can apply collectively or individually.

Additionally, you will also be required to complete the Application for Accident Benefits Package as well. The Death and Funeral Payments Benefit is split in two ways. Death benefits are issued as a lump sum depending on the familial relationship and insurance policy. Funeral benefits are issued as reimbursement for funeral expenses, generally anywhere from $6,000 to $8,000.

You can download the OCF-4 here.

OCF-4: Death and Funeral Benefits Application – Download
(Effective March 1, 2006)

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    You must enclose a copy of the official Death Certificate with the OCF Form. The application also requests that you list the deceased individual’s spouse and all their dependant(s) (including their relationship to the deceased). You will also need to itemize original receipts of expenses from the funeral. If you cannot locate certain receipts, you must specify which ones are missing and why you cannot enclose them with your application.

    In some situations, claimants must also submit an Application for Accident Benefits Package, along with their OCF-4, which will outline detailed information about their accident, injuries, and any medical treatment they received for fatal accidents. In addition, loved ones can submit an OCF-4 on their deceased relative’s behalf. By hiring a personal injury lawyer to help you process your claim, you ensure that you will complete your forms accurately and submit them punctually. We aim to win you the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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