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Medium and long-term symptoms of a concussion

Long-lasting signs of a concussion

Following a concussion, many sufferers experience headaches and confusion. A few suffer from memory loss and cannot recall the event. Amnesia can or might not occur due to the loss of consciousness. Here are the most common symptoms people experience due to concussions.

The symptoms of a concussion may occur within a few hours or days following the brain injury that caused the trauma.

The long-term effects of concussions are infrequent. In reality, most patients see symptoms disappear within a couple of weeks. Around 20% of individuals have post-concussion symptoms, in which they are still experiencing symptoms for six weeks. However, the more concussions you have, especially if you don’t give your brain adequate time to recover in between incidents. The greater your chance of suffering long-term harm.

Very few patients who suffer concussions go on to be diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome. The reason for the condition is unknown. Symptoms usually appear within 7-10 days following trauma and can last for months, weeks, and even years.

Although the symptoms that occur in the short term of concussion may get reversed, studies suggest that one hit on the head could result in serious complications later in the course. For instance, information from a study that examined the medical records of more than 160,000 trauma patients found that. For individuals 65 and older, one head injury is associated with a 22-26% increase in the risk of dementia during the following 5 to 7 years.

More eloquent is the research that has shown that brain damage results from repeated head injuries, even if they’re not symptomatic or sub-concussive. Repeated concussions have increased the risk of neurological diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

The research on ex-American footballers is shocking. A study of more than 2000 former professional footballers found that players who suffered from several concussions had three times the likelihood be diagnosed with depression. A separate examination of death certificates showed that the mortality rate due to neurodegenerative disorders was three times greater for players in the professional league than for the general population.

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    Some of the symptoms

    • Post-traumatic headaches. People may experience headaches related to concussions for up to seven days following an injury to the brain.
    • Post-traumatic vertigo. Certain people feel a sense of spinning or dizziness for days, weeks, or even months following a brain injury.
    • Persistent post-concussive symptoms (post-concussive syndrome). A small percentage of patients (15% to 20%) could experience symptoms like headaches, dizziness, or other issues lasting more than three weeks. If these symptoms persist after three months, they are known as chronic post-concussive symptoms.
    • The cumulative effects of multiple brain traumas. Research is in progress to examine the impact of head injuries sustained which don’t trigger the symptoms (subconcussive injuries). As of now, there’s no conclusive evidence that suggests whether repeated head injuries can cause their cumulative effects.
    • Second-impact condition. Rarely, experiencing an additional concussion before the symptoms and signs of the first concussion are resolved can increase brain swelling.
    • Athletes mustn’t play again while experiencing the symptoms and signs of concussion.

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