What can cause a concussion?

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Causes of a concussion

Concussions generally occur after head trauma. However, they may get caused by forceful injury to the head that the head receives forced to move violently.

Concussions are serious injuries as they can affect brain cells’ health and functioning. Around 60 % of the brain is fat, and it is cushioned from everyday bumps and jolts by the cerebrospinal fluid in your skull and tough leathery covering called the dura. The skull forms an additional layer of protection. 

The skull guards the brain against penetrating trauma. However, a head injury from a violent blow or sudden acceleration could cause the brain to be forced up against the skull. In such an event, blood vessels burst, nerve fibres misalign, and the brain can bruise, leading to a concussion. Sudden acceleration or deceleration in the head due to incidents like the impact of a car accident or being violently shaken is one of the major reasons of forceful trauma caused concussions. 

The type of brain injury can result in internal bleeding within and around the area of your brain, leading to symptoms like prolonged drowsiness and confusion. The symptoms could manifest right away or afterwards. Such injuries can affect the function of the brain typically for a short period, which can cause symptoms and signs of concussion

The bleeding that occurs in the brain could be fatal. Anyone who suffers an injury to the brain must be monitored throughout the time following the injury and medical attention if symptoms get worse.

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