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Understanding a concussion

Also known as a traumatic brain injury (TBI), a concussion is a type of brain damage that occurs when the head undergoes sudden movement or trauma. For example, a bump or blow to the head, or a jolt to the head during an accident, can all cause a concussion. This sudden movement or force to the head causes the brain and the body to move swiftly forward and back. Rapid movement causes brain tissue to change shape and stretch, harming brain cells. The damage can also trigger metabolic and chemical changes inside those brain cells, which makes it harder for the cells to communicate and function. Because it is our brain’s central control point, the effects of a concussion may be extensive.

Concussions can sometimes be life-threatening. In most cases, they are not. However, the consequences of trauma could alter an individual’s life, and injuries should treat with care.

How long do the effects of a concussion last?

The effects of a concussion tend to be temporary. Still, they can get accompanied by headaches and difficulties with memory, concentration, balance, and coordination. Inevitable traumas may cause you to lose consciousness. However, the majority don’t.

Some people refer to a concussion as a “mild” cerebral injury. It is essential to understand that traumas can be severe even if they may not be immediately fatal.

Concussions are one of the most frequent types of sports-related injuries. It can be head injuries or bumping when you fall, violently shaking, or even car accidents. Other causes can also cause concussions.

Concussion symptoms can take some time to manifest. After the accident, they might start a few days or even weeks later. One or more symptoms may be neck or head pain. Additionally, there may be a ringing in the ears, weariness, or nausea. You might feel confused or less than usual for a few days or weeks following the injury.

The majority of people fully recover after a concussion. However, it may take a while. It is essential to rest after an injury because it allows the brain to heal. At first, you might need to cut back on physical activities that require lots of concentration, like studying at the computer, looking, and playing online games.


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