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Different Long-Term Disability Situations in Ontario

The long-term disability benefits.

In Ontario, long-term disability benefits are available from three different places:

Companies providing group disability insurance (Private)

Insurance businesses oversee and support insurance-based plans. Benefits are only payable to “covered persons” as that term is used under the insurance. By enrolling in the plan, you agree to pay monthly payments.

Province of Ontario (Provincial)

Two programmes in Ontario assist those unable to work due to a handicap. The Ontario Disability Support Program and the WSIB (ODSP).

Government of Canada (Federal)

The CPP Disability, Employment Insurance Sickness, and Disability Tax Credit are the three government programmes that provide disability payments. The federal government has proposed a fourth initiative, but it is not currently in place.

You can obtain different kinds of disability compensation from each of these sources (or providers).

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    Long-Term Disability Situations

    The following sorts of disability claims can result in long periods away from work:

    Chronic Pain

    Because chronic pain can distract you from your work and is known to be linked to psychological problems, it can damage your capacity to fulfill your job tasks.

    A claim for chronic pain may contain any of the following symptoms or syndromes:

        • Chronic Myofascial aches from traumatic accidents
        • Chronic Pain Syndrome
        • Fibromyalgia
        • Different forms of arthritis (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis)
        • Pain following surgery

    Orthopedic Pain Issues:

    Similar to chronic pain, orthopedic injuries or conditions can very fatiguing and distracting and make it difficult to perform vital job functions due to the requirement for painkillers:

        • Broken or fractured bones
        • Spondylosis and degenerative disc disease
        • Expanding discs and disc herniations
        • Sciatica, nerve root impingement, and radiculopathy

    Brain Damage / Traumatic Brain Injury

    Minor to severe brain damage are candidates for long-term disability. Concussions are classified as mild brain injuries, and if a person later develops post-concussion syndrome, they may cause long-lasting difficulties. Symptoms of brain damage may make it difficult for a person to go about their regular lives. Cognitive impairment and physical functioning impairment are both signs of brain damage.  Headaches, brain fog and fatigue are common problems for TBI survivors.

    Psychological conditions

    A person’s ability to perform may be hampered by the symptoms of psychiatric disorders or by an aggravation of existing symptoms.

    Among the ailments for which people file disability claims are:

        • Adaptation disorder
        • Depressive disease in adults
        • Borderline personality disorder
        • Different anxiety disorders
        • Bipolar illness
        • OCD
        • Schizophrenia
        • PTSD

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    Long-term diseases or conditions

    Many chronic illnesses or ailments can flare up occasionally and make it difficult for a person to carry out everyday tasks, including job-related responsibilities.

    These consist of:

    • Migraines
    • Problems of the digestive system, such as Crohn’s disease and IBS
    • Diabetes
    • Neurological conditions (i.e. multiple sclerosis)


    Most insurance companies will pay benefits while you receive treatment or recover from cancer surgery. Still, an insurance company will occasionally refuse coverage because they believe you to be past the usual recovery timeframes. You might not be able to return to work and need extra time off since you encountered problems due to your therapy.

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