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Effects of untreated psychological trauma

Mental Health Injuries

Mental health injuries affect cognitive, behavioural and emotional well-being. Mental health can affect daily living, relationships and physical health. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall or if you have been denied by your long-term disability insurer, you may be suffering from mental health or psychological injuries.

There are several types of trauma, including:

  • Acute trauma: This results from a single stressful or dangerous event.
  • Chronic trauma: This results from repeated and prolonged exposure to highly stressful events. Examples include cases of child abuse, bullying, or domestic violence.
  • Complex trauma: This results from exposure to multiple traumatic events.

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    Psychological Trauma

    Many people go for years living with the symptoms of emotional and psychological trauma as their world grows steadily smaller. The effects of untreated psychological trauma can be devastating and infiltrate nearly every aspect of an individual’s life. Some of the most common effects of untreated trauma include:

    • Substance abuse
    • Alcoholism
    • Sexual problems
    • Inability to maintain healthy close relationships or choose appropriate people to be friends with
    • Hostility
    • Constant arguments with loved ones
    • Social withdrawal
    • Constant feelings of being threatened
    • Self-destructive behaviors
    • Impulsive behaviors
    • Uncontrollable reactive thoughts
    • Inability to make healthy occupational or lifestyle choices
    • Dissociative symptoms
    • Feelings of depression, shame, hopelessness, or despair
    • Feeling ineffective
    • Feeling as though one is permanently damaged
    • Loss of former belief systems
    • Compulsive behavioral patterns

    Secondary trauma, or vicarious trauma, is another form of trauma. With this form of trauma, a person develops trauma symptoms from close contact with someone who has experienced a traumatic event.

    Family members, mental health professionals, and others who care for those who have experienced a traumatic event are at risk of vicarious trauma. The symptoms often mirror those of PTSD.

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