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Is Suing for Psychological Impairment in Court Difficult?

Emotional Distress

Emotional distress is different compared to a physical injury because it is more difficult to prove. If you have a physical injury, you can show the wound and provide medical records to prove it. There’s no room to deny that the injury exists and the lawyers can only debate on the cause and liability.

The same is not the case with a psychological impairment. There isn’t any noticeable injury, which makes it difficult to prove that emotional distress exists. Different people react to traumatic situations differently. Some people don’t develop any mental anguish after traumatic situations while others can suffer from crippling anxiety.

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    Psychological Trauma

    That isn’t the only problem when it comes to proving mental anguish. Lawyers can easily debate that the victim is lying or that no such injury exists. This process requires a different approach and set of arguments.

    Inexperienced lawyers don’t know which experts they need to approach, and that can hamper your chances of success. It would be best if you had lawyers that are experienced with psychological injury claims to argue your case and get the best compensation.

    We have handled several cases of emotional distress and understand how they work. We collect all relevant information, gather experts, and make sure there’s undeniable evidence of psychological trauma.

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