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Spinal cord injury outcomes

Spinal Cord Injuries

There are 43,000 traumatic spinal cord injuries among the 86,000 spinal cord injuries that exist in Canada. The overwhelming amount of information your physicians, loved ones, and other caretakers have given you may leave you feeling confused if you have recently suffered a spinal cord injury. In the end, you genuinely want to know how your life will be following your spinal cord injury.

The truth is that nobody, not even your doctor, can definitively respond to that. Injury to the spinal cord can occur at any time. Despite having severe wounds, some survivors spontaneously walk. Some people go through years of physical therapy simply to be able to move their fingers. One recurring idea is that survivors who put forth a lot of effort, practice healthy lifestyle habits, safeguard their mental health, and never give up usually have better outcomes. Even if your physical recuperation is taking longer than you’d like, you can join their ranks. Here are some important details about living with a spinal cord injury.

  • Although it is impossible to foresee exactly how a spinal cord injury will develop, understanding where the injury occurred can help you estimate how impaired you will be. The most serious spinal cord injuries, which invariably result in quadriplegia, are cervical injuries. Less life-threatening injuries that are less likely to paralyze you permanently occur further down the spine.
  • Whether the spinal cord injury is full or incomplete is equally important. Your chances of making a full recovery are greatly reduced since complete injuries result in a fully compressed or severed spinal cord. However, incomplete spinal cord injuries have a better chance of healing, especially when the swelling subsides and your spinal cord becomes less compressed. Don’t give up hope; physical therapy and leading a healthy lifestyle can greatly help, no matter where your injury is.

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    The effects will only multiply

    One thing is for sure: the injury profile you currently confront is very different from what you will encounter in a year or ten years. The effects of spinal cord injuries evolve over time, especially in the initial weeks when swelling is still a concern. There is no mechanism for forecasting the trajectory of a spinal cord injury, so your recovery may take longer than you expect. However, your doctor can offer you the best accurate prognosis of how your injury will evolve over time.

    You might need to speak up for yourself

    Tragically, persons with spinal cord injuries may experience discrimination, but being aware of this can help you prepare to stand up for yourself. Even if your medical decisions go against your doctor or family, you still have the right to make them. You also have the right to be free from discrimination, which covers housing, employment, and education. It is against the law for a company, institution of higher learning, or employer to prohibit you from doing something just because of an injury. Spending some time learning about your rights or speaking with a lawyer who specializes in spinal cord injuries and disability law may give you a greater sense of empowerment.

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